About Apple Auto & Truck Care in Bronx, NY

Meet Our Staff


Rich, Owner

In the mid-'50s, Salvatore Caiola had a vision to help those families most in need solve their automotive problems. Sal believed in the American principles of hard work and honesty, which in turn will create a lasting relationship with clients. By introducing the current owner Rich Caiola to the automobile industry, it evoked a passion in his son to find solutions to difficult issues leading to an invaluable fulfillment in helping others.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Vermont, Rich began his professional career as an engineer for Grumman Aerospace and later Norden Systems as a Circuit Design Engineer. Knowing that he would eventually return to his father's business and serve his home community, Rich's forward thinking of the technological changes that were to come put him in an ideal position to take a family owned business and help it evolve to where it is now. Apple Auto & Truck Care continues to develop due to Rich's vision and foresight while upholding its fundamental principals in providing an unparalleled level of service, fair prices, and professionalism that will always lead to customer satisfaction. Like his father, Rich is a problem solver. Bring your automobile issues to Rich any day, and with him and his team you will be sure to go home without them.


Matt, General Manager

Matt, After 10+ years in the corporate world Matt switched gears and decided to carry on with the Caiola family tradition joining the Apple Auto & Truck Care team. With an Accounting degree from Loyola University of Maryland in his background, he runs the back office and ensures that customers always have access to any information they need to keep their fleets running smoothly. Like his father and grandfather before him, Matt believes in putting the customer first and quality service before all else!


Vincent, Customer Service Consultant

Vincent, a high performance car enthusiast began working with hobby RC cars before moving up to the real thing. He enjoys everyday he spends with his Apple Auto and Truck Care family and its customers. With over 10 years of experience in the field he has done a great amount to ensure many drivers get the best service out of their vehicle.