Apple Auto did an excellent job on my car. For an engine issue that my usual mechanic wouldn't even touch, they were able to fix it quickly and efficiently. After a diagnostic, they explained the problem to me very patiently and thoroughly and answered all my questions. All the staff were very courteous and honest. Now my car's running better than ever! I'd trust these guys over anyone.


I went for an inspection & they told me I needed new rear brakes. After almost 4 hours waiting for the inspection/new brakes, I left the place to start experiencing a problem with my car. My car was jumpy and it began flashing the ETS (Electrical Throttle System) light, which is a problem that I have never experienced/a light that I have never seen in the 2 years I have with my car. Now I may have to spend a couple hundred dollars repairing the damage that Apple Auto & Truck Care has clearly caused. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.