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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Honest mechanic shop. Reasonable price."

- O.K.

"They are the very best to work on your car or truck."

- A.W.

"Had a late afternoon, heavy Friday traffic auto fail and ended up unable to move at their pumps. Team diagnosed my issue and physically put my car into secure storage and addressed the issues promptly and professionally the next day - a SATURDAY. I cant say enough for the entire team's courtesy and professionalism. Great experience."

- T.S.

"Honest and fair! The service is great and you can trust the work they do. If you have a problem no need to get upset just address your dis satisfaction and they will corrected making sure you leave happy with there service. I recommend them highly! I am in the parking industry and have being working with them for over 6 years. They keep our Shuttle bus moving."

- W.P.

"Apple auto is great starting with there customer service Christina shes just so welcoming, Vince is all about getting the job done. and the mechanics are on point. i take all the companies vans there and my personal car. keep up the good work guys."

- Olga

"Vince is by far one of the best mechanics I've ever come across he has helped us keep our Mini Cooper on the road for the last few years. I'm really pleased with his expertise and happy to have found Apple Auto. Thanks "

- John

"Ive taken the agency van to Apple and never been disappointed great staff nice place and most of all excellent Mechanics I highly recommend Apple auto and truck care."

- Dhafir

"Clean and convenient. I was coming home to Bronx from Queens and this was the nearest spot that i could think of. Cuz Manhattan sucks for bathrooms. Very nice lady and man at the register saved my life lol. Bathroom was very clean and thats awesome all in itself."

- Jawanna

"Honest and Very informative with what was needed also they were very quick with my "Safety check" I made a bad purchase from "Chase Auto Group" in the Bronx...I explained everything to the Mechanic they informed me no worries they gave me a run down of what was fixed and what needed fixing nothing more nothing less, got straight to the point. Definitely recommend them! Great customer service! "

- Andrew

"They were helpful. Took my car in on a busy Saturday to do wheel alignment and fix window. They only charged me half an hour labor to fix my window when they could probably charge me more. I would go back again. "

- Michael

"Apple Auto did an excellent job on my car. For an engine issue that my usual mechanic wouldn't even touch, they were able to fix it quickly and efficiently. After a diagnostic, they explained the problem to me very patiently and thoroughly and answered all my questions. All the staff were very courteous and honest. Now my car's running better than ever! I'd trust these guys over anyone."

- Jason

"Some repair places are really bad about staying in touch, giving honest prices up front, and being up front about which repairs are absolutely necessary and which ones can wait. Apple Auto & Truck Care did all of those things."

- Elaine

"Visitors from out of town needed to have their car fixed quickly in order to get home. Apple Auto & Truck Care located the necessary part (for an older, discontinued car model) in a matter of hours and had the car fixed in a half-day. I should also note this was on a saturday, and most other garages I called were either closed or could not get the part on a week-end. Service was courteous and rates were reasonable and in line with what a family-member (who is also a professional mechanic) felt the price should be for parts and labor. In short, we received very quick, honest and professional service. I would return and would recommend this garage to friends/family."

- Dorian

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